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MAB 23:  Tennessee Confederate.  Nice CDV of Confederate officer.  Humboldt, TN backmark.
MAB 24:  Two Little Confederates.  CDV of two young boys, Holly Springs, Mississippi, backmark.  Circa 1860's. 
MAB 25:  The Gray Ghost of the Confederacy.  Tin Type of Col. John S. Mosby taken from albumen around 1865.  This is probably as a private in the 1st VA Cavalry.  Paper sleeve with tin type inside dated March 21, 1866 on back.

MAB 33:  Civil War Period Albumen.  Sixteen soldiers in the picture.  Several are identified.  Third soldier from left (standing) is Edward W. Nortoni.  He enlisted in the 4th Regiment, MA Infantry, as an assistant surgeon.  The 4th Regiment disbanded in 1863 after Vicksburg, MS, and most of the soldiers returned back to MA.  Edward W. Nortoni re-enlisted in 1863 with the 59th Regiment MA Infantry and was an assistant surgeon with this regiment.  This regiment was part of the Army of the Potomac under the command of General U. S. Grant.  Edward Nortoni was with this unit until the surrender of Lee's Army.  This albumen came out of the estate of the heirs of Edward Nortoni.  We believe that this photograph was taken right after the surrender.  Others specifically identified are:  General Ulysses S. Grant (seated, fifth from left); George Armstrong Custer (seated, sixth from left); others are prominent military faces easily identifiable.  Also of notice, there is a black Union Officer in the photo (standing, first from left).  This old hand-colored photo is in very good condition but contains a couple of spots on the lower left.  Albumen is approximately 14 by 17 in a very ornate period gold frame.
MAB 34:  Identified Civil War Nurse.  Harriet Schull from Atlantic, New Jersey.  Stationed as a nurse in Hanover, PA.  Married Thomas Schull.  1/9 plate tin-type in Gutta-percha Case in very good condition.  $250.00.SOLD

MAB 35:  Nice "Oreo Cookie" type Gutta-percha Case with Union Soldier.  1/6 plate oval tin-type of an unidentified Union Soldier in a scare Gutta-percha Case.  $250.00.SOLD
MAB 36:  Confederate Photograph.  1/6 plate Ambrotype of an unidentified Confederate soldier in shell jacket with feathered slouch hat.  Full leather case in good condition.  $1,000.00.
MAB 37:  Confederate Soldier.  1/6 plate Ambrotype of an unidentified Confederate soldier.  Very young boy in Confederate shell jacket in sitting pose.  Full leather case that has been repaired, else good condition.  $1,000.00.

MAB 38:  Identified Confederate Texas Cavalry.  Cabinet card circa 1870's of George W. McCorkle, 15th Texas Cavalry.  He enlisted as a Private in Company C and was promoted to Second Lieutenant when the 15th was consolidated with the 6th Texas Cavalry.  He died on July 24, 1864 in Griffin, GA.  This cabinet card was taken from war date tin-type, in very good condition..  Although this photograph is not war date, it is an extremely rare photograph of a fully-armed Texas Cavalry Officer.  McCorkle is wearing Confederate shell jacket with Second Lieutenant stripes on the collar and feathered hat.  Also, shown are his two pistols turned with the handles facing out.  Also, note the nice oval belt buckle.  He is identified on back of cabinet card as "Grandfather George W. McCorkle--Civil War 15th Texas Cavalry."  $750.00.

MAB 39:  Confederate Tin Type.  Very unusual quarter plate tin type of Confederate sympathizer in full standing view.  This person is most likely wearing state militia uniform, notice the white ribbon, white banner, Confederate slouch hat, and riding crop in hand.  This is succession ribbon and banner.  Most likely Mississippi state militia.  An extremely rare photograph of soldier wearing succession regalia. $1,000.00.
MAB 76:  Civil War Sailor.  One-Sixth Plate Tin Type of Civil War Sailor in a beautiful Civil War Union Case with Cross Cannons and Flags.  Small piece missing at the top rail of case, else in very good condition.  Note cigar in the sailor's hand.  Clear and beautiful image.  $450.00.
MAB 80:  Armed Confederate Soldier.  One-Sixth Plate Tin Type of Confederate Soldier posing with small pistol and kepi on his lap.  This photograph is extremely clear.  He is wearing a shell jacket with plaid battle shirt underneath.  Portion of his belt buckle is visible.  Extremely rare image with Confederate soldier holding gun.  Full leather case, repaired.  $5000.00.SOLD
MAB 81:  Armed Civil War Soldier with Bowie.  One-Sixth Plate Tin Typed of an armed western theater Civil War Union Soldier.  He is armed with a large Bowie Knife and Musket.  This is a beautiful, clear image that has been published and is in a repaired leather case.  $4000.00.SOLD

MAB 82:  Young Uniformed Confederate Soldier.  One-Ninth Plate Ambro Type of very young Confederate Soldier wearing his kepi, possibly a drummer boy.  Beautiful, clear image in Gutta Purcha Case.  $1000.00.
MAB 83:  Rare Texas Armed Confederate.  One-Sixth Plate Ambro Type of Confederate Soldier holding his large pistol in front of him.  He has on a Square tinted belt buckle, which  is typical of Confederate regalia, and buttons are gilted.  This photograph is out of a Texas estate.  Full leather case, repaired.  This image is extremely rare.  $7,500.00.  SOLD
MAB 84:  Rare Full Plate Tin Type of Civil War Soldier.  Full Plate tin type of Civil War Cavalry soldier in sitting pose with slouch hat, gun in belt, cartridge box over shoulder, buttons and buckle have been tinted.  He is wearing a shell jacket.  Images of this size, especially with weapon showing, are very rare.  This image has been tinted bluish-gray in background.  $3,000.00.. 
MAB 85:  Reunion Photograph.  Large photograph circa 1900 of 13 Union Veterans of Civil War sitting and standing in front of cannons.  All the Veterans have on their GAR ribbons and medals and are identified on the back of the Photograph.  They are from Maine, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota.  Photograph is in good condition.  $250.00.  SOLD

MAB 101:  Extremely Clear Armed Union Officer.  One-Quarter Plate Ambro Type of Union Officer in sitting pose holding sword across lap in kepi with bugle insignia on table.  This is probably the clearest image that you will ever see of a Civil War soldier.  Comes in full Gutta Purcha Decorative Case.  $3000.00.SOLD
MAB 102:  Period Outdoor Scene of House, Hoop-Skirt Lady, and Gentleman In Carriage with Horse.  One-Half Plate Ambro Type of an outdoor scene.  This is a remarkable photograph showing person sitting on carriage with horse, a lady on the front porch in hoop skirt.  An extremely rare view.  Full Leather Case. Inside case was prospectus of E. G. McElroy dated August 2, 1865.   $5000.00.
MAB 103:  Outdoor Scene of Five Union Soldiers with Flag Flying in Background.  One-Fourth Plate Tin Type of Five Union Soldiers, Three standing, one sitting, and one sitting of keg.  Full Leather Case, repaired.  $650.00.SOLD
MAB 104:  Confederate Officer in Frock Coat.  One-Fourth Plate Tin Type of Confederate Officer Wearing nine-button frock coat in repaired Leather Case.  $1000.00.
MAB 105:  Mississippi Confederate Soldier.  Beautiful One-Sixth Plate Tin Type in gutta percha case of Confederate Soldier regulation Mississippi State Militia uniform with a Mississippi star and hat.  Note the canteen around the soldier's shoulder.  An extremely rare Confederation image.  $7500.00.

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